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“Your Health, Our Mission: Bespoke Health Care for Life Without Limits” “Unlock a Lifetime of Peak Health: Your Personal Doctor Awaits” Life Optimization And Heart Attack Prevention Want a longer, healthier life?  Would you like your career to extend long past what is considered the normal retirement age?  Or how about when you do retire, you can enjoy your retirement

Is Targeting Brain Inflammation the Key to Preventing Alzheimer’s and Stroke?

Cholesterol has been demonized as the No. 1 threat to heart, brain and arterial health. Then a growing body of evidence began to zero in on another villain. “The four horsemen of the medical apocalypse — coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s — may be riding the same steed: inflammation,” a Harvard paper theorized in 2006. Since then, recent

What 92% of Women Don’t Know About Screening for Heart Disease

Very few women are aware of the right age to start screening for heart disease, the leading cause of death in American women, according to a new national survey by Orlando Health. Despite a recommendation by the American Heart Association to begin heart screenings at age 20, only 8% of the women polled thought these crucial heart health checkups should

Arteriology: A Revolutionary New Approach to Preventing and Reversing Arterial Disease

What is arteriology? Have you heard this word before? Decades of progress in reducing deaths from cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading killer of Americans, CVD fatalities are on the rise, particularly among people under age 55. Indeed, middle-aged adults are more likely to die from heart attacks, strokes and other CV events now than they were in 2011. This alarming

The Surprising Stroke Risk that Affects 50% of Americans Over Age 30

Can you still have a stroke if you exercise everyday, eat clean, and get regular check-ups? Yes, indeed you can. We all know of celebrities and local friends, acquaintances, even loved ones who have had a stroke, despite being “the healthiest person” we know. What happens? And how can you, “healthy” or not, look on the inside of your body

Is Chronic Inflammation the No. 1 Threat to Your Health?

HOT or NOT? You may think this is a play on words; but inflammation is quite literally “HOT” in the body. Acute, short-term inflammation can be a good thing. However, chronic systemic inflammation is one of the greatest threats to your health and to your life. Inflammation can occur for a short period of time to save your life –