Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Reversal

It is not too late to experience complete risk reversal!

Cutting edge treatment to predict, prevent, and reverse heart attack and stroke.

Our proven method of cardiovascular disease reversal and prevention gives us full confidence that you will not suffer from a first or subsequent event.

Avoid invasive stents and bypass surgery. Our unique approach reverses the onset of heart attack and stroke through advanced testing, medication modifications, state-of-the art monitoring, and personalized lifestyle and nutrition recommendations.

Our Methodology

Dr. Gina Pritchard follows a holistic approach to cardiovascular disease prevention and reversal. By following the leading science of The BaleDoneen Method, Seeds Scientific Research, and a collaborative approach to patient care, Dr. Pritchard brings this life-saving education and tools to her patients to ensure they live a life free of cardiovascular disease.

The BaleDoneen Method is a proven, science-based methodology that is accepted to both prevent and reverse the diseases that lead to heart attacks, strokes, and many other chronic conditions. Seeds Scientific Research Institute is a revolutionary approach to regenerative medicine that focuses on age related disease through the power of healing at the cellular level.