Gut Health Optimization

Balancing the microbiome.

We provide care that heals the cellular lining of the gut. We listen carefully and work hand in hand with you on this journey of changing your health trajectory.

Having a balance of good bacteria in your gut supports immune system function. Upset to this balance can trigger issues in the heart, brain, skin, weight, nutrient absorption, and more. It is even implicated in the development of cancer.​

The average American encounters many counterproductive factors to oral health and the gut’s microbiome – stress, diets high in sugar and processed foods, lack of exercise and sleep.

Our Methodology

By taking a holistic and integrated approach to your overall health, Dr. Pritchard has developed a methodology that accounts for all aspects of gut health.

We start by taking a thorough evaluation of your genetics, as well as food sensitivity testing, micronutrient testing, metabolic testing, and lifestyle and nutritional assessments. After the evaluation, we provide recommendations, prescribe supplements, and customized lifestyle changes; we then monitor your data through our integrated health platform to evaluate progress.