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Are You Getting the Right Dose of Your Medication?

If you’re one of the 226 million Americans who take
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7 Heart-Smart New Year’s Resolutions — and How to Keep Them

Most Americans make New Year’s resolutions — and setting goals
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Post 5

Heart Attack Myths, Busted

If you think you’re too young — or too healthy
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AHA for Life: A Proven Plan to Prevent Heart Attacks, Strokes and Dementia

Worried that a heart attack, stroke or dementia could loom
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Bernie Sanders’ Heart Attack: Could It Have Been Prevented?

Now back on the campaign trail after suffering a heart
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The Ten Best and Worst Foods for Your Heart and Brain Health

“Let food be thy medicine,” wrote Hippocrates centuries ago. But
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Optimal Medical Care as Effective as Stents and Bypasses for Preventing Heart Attacks

Common invasive heart procedures, such as stents and bypass surgery,
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8 Foods for Healthier Arteries

Cardiovascular disease is actually a buildup of plaque which leads
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Reduce Stress so Life’s Not a Mess

We all know how stressful life can be. Between balancing
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Eggs and Your Heart Health

Recently, I was asked about eggs and cardiovascular health. Many
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