Nothing To Fix

posted on November 20th 2012 in View From The Cath Lab with 0 Comments

Have you or a loved one ever gotten the report of “Nothing to fix” following a Cardiac Catheterization?

This wording is often used to tell the person a coronary stent or balloon is not needed – that they have no coronary artery disease or only mild to moderate coronary artery disease. In this scenario, the recommendations may include medications or there may be no recommendations. But, the same wording –“Nothing to fix”-can describe coronary artery disease that either too extensive to benefit from a stent or balloon or is located such that a stent or balloon may not be possible (in a sharp angle or very small tortuous artery). Recommendations may include medications, coronary artery bypass surgery, or enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP).

In either scenario, my advice is to comply with your Cardiologist but make an appointment also to see an Arteriologist – one who specializes improving the health of the artery wall and eliminating inflammation.  Arteriologists have the expertise to identify and improve the atherosclerosis process and markedly reduce or eliminate your risk of heart attack and/or stroke. Partnering with an Arteriologist provides great benefit for those with mild or extensive moderate disease; and great benefit for those with risk factors and/or family history who do not know if they have disease.

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