Do You Enjoy Your Healthcare?

posted on November 26th 2012 in Healthcare with 0 Comments

This month I want to bring up a controversial and “HOT” topic:

Customer Satisfaction – meaning “Do you enjoy your health care”?
Or to word this question differently:

Do you at least get what you need when you go to the clinic, or go see the Doctor, the Nurse Practitioner, or the Physician Assistant (Health Care Provider or HCP)?

And do you enjoy the interaction or the experience?

It seems we have been discussing the quality, outcome, delivery of health care and customer satisfaction everywhere I go – at seminars, in the exam room and hallways of the clinic, in the hospital, in the grocery store (when I run into a client or co-worker), in the board room – EVERYWHERE! In theĀ current climate of dwindling reimbursement from Medicare and insurance companies, healthcare providers are pressured to see an ever-increasing volume of patients, clients or customers. The result is extremely unhappy patients, clients, customers. I have gained many new clients simply because they sought out someone who would LISTEN. I hear this over and over – “Thank you for listening”.

This leads me to a desire to blow wide open the discussion and hear from those it impacts the most – YOU, the client, patient, customer. I would love to hear your thoughts on the following discussion questions:

  • How would you describe your last visit to your health care provider (HCP – whether Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant)?
  • Do you feel like you were heard?
  • Did you get your questions answered?
  • Did you have to wait very long before seeing your HCP?
  • Did you have adequate time to spend with your HCP?
  • What would you like to see change at your HCP’s office or clinic?

I could ask many questions, but hopefully this is enough to begin the dialogue and to begin to change the delivery of care.

I want to hear from you and know what it is you are or are not getting and hear what it is you want and need when you go to your HCP.

We would love to hear your comments