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PREVENT! Initial Risk Assessment and Delivery of Management Plan

CIMT/Arterial Plaque Burden Ultrasound included

Initial testing

Testing is an integral part of your comprehensive risk assessment. We minimize the number of tests ordered, starting with those that are foundational to everyone for an initial risk assessment. Most of the testing is covered by many insurance plans.

Tests covered by most insurance plans:

These labs (blood and urine samples) include advanced lipid testing, inflammation panels, cardiac-specific bio-markers, pre-diabetes evaluation, thyroid function, vitamin levels, electrolytes, liver function, and general labs such as kidney function and blood count.

We will provide orders and coordinate a convenient location for the necessary blood and urine collection.

The samples are sent to two labs, Cleveland Heart Lab (CHL) and Singulex. These two labs will submit a claim form to your insurance company for the labs they perform.

Become familiar with your individual insurance plan, as individual coverage does vary. Feel free to call the two labs ahead of time to discuss your insurance coverage of the tests. Cash fees are available for all laboratory testing.

CHL: 866-358-9829, ext. 2

Singulex: 510-995-9000, ext. 1

Tests that are not covered by insurance

Genetic Testing (Saliva): Five cardiac-specific, actionable genetics.

Oral Pathogen Testing (Saliva): Five high risk pathogens causal of heart attack.

Payment is due at time of scheduling. After each office visit we will provide you with a universal claim form to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Be familiar with your medical plan as the possibility of reimbursement varies greatly between insurance companies and individual plans.

NOTE: Claim forms CANNOT be submitted to Medicare as this is a non-contracted center

Exclusive Membership for Continuation of Care includes:

Quarterly visits pro-actively set up with labs prior to each visit for the remainder of 2017

Continuation of care appointments are generally one hour in length. You may choose the format of the appointment to be an in-person appointment or telemedicine (go-to meeting or telephone).

Although quarterly visits and labs will be set up, every patient has unlimited appointments for the remainder of 2017 as needed.

•Medications are ordered and followed as needed.

24 hour / 7 day a week phone-email access to your team

Prorated fees are based on the Annual Membership Fee

This fee is for patients who have had a Bale Doneen Method Comprehensive Risk Assessment.

*Laboratory costs are additional without insurance.

Have Questions? Contact our Care Coordinator at 972-672-9131

Just Want a Consult with Gina?

Bring in your medications, supplements, previous medical records, lab or diagnostic tests you have on hand and 3 day food diary. Also, bring your questions related to heart attack and stroke risk. Spend an hour with Gina to get a better understanding of your risk and advice regarding your regimen. Leave with a greater understanding of your health status and a strategy for improvement!

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Some diagnostic laboratory tests may be covered by your insurance provider.

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